Pit bulls: The Most Misunderstood Dog Breed


We’ve all seen at least one story on the news; “BOY INJURED AFTER A DOG ATTACKS!” “MAD PIT BULL ATTACKS, KILLING ANOTHER DOG!” “POLICE SHOOT PIT BULL AFTER IT ATTACKS A WOMAN WALKING DOWN THE STREET!” There have been so many of those stories that some cities (such as Miami, Denver, and Cincinnati) have started to put a ban on owning Pit Bulls. Note: There is really no such thing as a “pit bull”; it’s just a term used to encompass all American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Recently, in Douglasville, GA, they proposed that no one is allowed to buy a pit bull. If someone already owns a pit bull, they must “register them or face a fine of up to $500, keep them indoors, in a covered pen, or behind a fence at least six feet high. Out in public, they must be muzzled (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).”

The bans put on pit bulls all have one thing in common: they degrade all pit bulls for something that only a small amount of them do. To get a better understanding of what I’m trying to say, think of it this way: they treat the breed like American’s treated Muslims after 9/11. After one group of Muslims crashed the plane into the World Trade Center, Americans have blamed the entire race for that one event, even though I bet most Muslims are really nice people who have no intention of causing any harm. The American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit bull can be a wonderful breed of dog for anyone as long as they are socialized correctly. They are known to be good-natured, amusing, and extremely loyal. They do well in families and are almost always obedient and eager to please their master. However, they are not recommended for most people because most people do not understand how to properly raise and treat a dog. (Learn tips on how to train your dog by visiting Cesar Millan’s website. He is also on the TV show called Dog Whisperer and has wrote several books about raising your dog).

Back when I still had driving lessons, my driving instructor Ashley would always tell me about her pets at home. I have a terrible memory, but I believe she had two dogs and a cat. All I remember is the stories that she told me about her cuddly and super sweet puppy. I asked her what kind of dog she had and I was shocked when she told me her dog was a pit bull. How many of you picture a pit bull when a friend of yours talks about a dog you’ve never seen before? In most cases, these dogs are looking for the same thing every other dog on this planet looks for: someone to love them.PitBullTerrierTiggerFetch1

Media is another reason Pit Bulls are being banned in certain cities. For example, the most recent proposition to ban this breed was because the mayor stated he had seen them “on TV” causing “incidents.” Who’s to say these reporters are right in their dog labeling skills? It’s not like they ask their owners what kind of dog it was. They label the dog as they see it. The media often identifies these animals as Pit Bulls when they really don’t know what kind of dog attacked.

Luckily, so many people out there agree that it’s wrong that one group of dogs are being singled out. There have been a growing number of organizations dedicated to rescuing Pit Bulls from owners that no longer want them or dogs that have been surrendered.pitbaby2

I HATE EVERYTHING about NFL’s Michael Vick. He should be SHUNNED, not praised.

Michael Vick GO TO HELL!

I might be losing readers by saying this, but any fan of Michael Vick is not welcome here. So if you have any respect for this man, get the fuck off of my blog. It’s people like him that help get Pit Bulls banned from these cities.

In July 2007, Vick and three other men were arrested for charges of operating an illegal dogfighting ring, which Vick had nicknamed “Bad Newz Kennels”. It was set up in 2002 shortly after Vick was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. The dogs were kept behind his home in Surry Country, VA. Vick pleaded guilty of funding the organization, operating an interstate dogfighting ring, and participating directly in some of the dogfights himself. He also admitted to help kill six underperforming dogs with two other people. Police took 66 dogs from the home. Vick was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison, followed by three years of probation.

Why I hate Michael Vick:

  • He is supposed to be a role model for the youth of America. People look up to him and inspire to be him. When Michael Vick got off with only a few minor charges for such a large crime, it might have given people the wrong idea that they could get away with doing it too.
  • In an interview, Michael Vick said he likes who he is and wouldn’t change his past, even if he could. Therefore, he does not regret hurting all those dogs and ruining their lives.
  • Don’t believe his bullshit. Vick says that he’s sorry and wishes he did something to stop the dogfighting. Don’t be fooled by his lies! He was in the dogfighting business for six years! If he had wanted to stop the cruelty, he could have easily accomplished it.
  • He participated in killing at least a half-dozen dogs. He did this in various ways such as hanging them, suspending from a crossbar with a nylon rope, and drowning them (holding them upside-down while their heads were forced into a bucket of water).
  • He apologized to the NFL, his fans, and his teammates. Not once did he apologize do his victims, the dogs.

I’ve been dying to openly display my hatred for this man and it seems appropriate to talk about it in this blog post. If I could come up with a word stronger than hate, that’s the word I would be using. I feel like a kettle boiling on the stove, steam fuming inside of my body. It’s only a matter of time before it pops the lid off. If you know me, you should know I’m not one to hold grudges. There are exceptions to the rule; Michael Vick is one of the very few exceptions.

I still hate that people call his story “a comeback”. If you want a comeback story, read about the dogs that survived the hell that Michael Vick put them through. THOSE are good stories! Michael Vick should rot in hell for the things he did to those dogs. People need to realize the difference between being a good athlete and being a good person.

How you can help

Pit Bulls?

  • Tell your friends and family that the owners of these dogs are to blame for their attacks, not the dogs themselves.
  • Get a Pit Bull. Show others that there is no reason to ban this breed from cities.
  • If you live in a city where there is a ban on Pit Bulls, protest and say that it’s not right.
  • If you know or see anyone involved in the dogfighting business, report it to the police.
  • Share this blog with others.

Also, check out these websites:

Best Friends Animal Society

Best friends rescued 22 “Vicktory” (Pit Bulls taken from Michael Vick) dogs and found 20 of them new homes!


Pit Bull Rescue Center

Really cute video, proving that not all Pit Bulls are bad dogs.


If you own (or owned) a Pit Bull, tell me in a comment below what you think about the breed and/or the experiences you’ve had with your Pit Bull. Even if you’ve never owned a Pit Bull, tell me what you think of these bans certain cities are putting on the dog.


18 thoughts on “Pit bulls: The Most Misunderstood Dog Breed

  1. Hi Alyssa,
    I applaud the work you are doing to educate the public on the humane treatment of animals. If you are ever in the Ashland, MA area let me know and you can stop by metrowesthumanesociety.org and I will give you a tour of the shelter!!

      • K, just let me know and if for some reason I am not around I will let someone else know you are coming. Best times are probably SAT or SUN 12-4 during adoption hours.

      • thank u alyssa i learned a lot from u and about pit bulls i hate that guy all my friends think it is dumb i am trying to help pit bulls thank u

  2. Hey Alyssa,
    I love you for posting this on your blog and am proud to add a link to the video I made of MY pit-bull!

    My ex had a 1 year old Rott named Misty when we met. She was a gentle, fun, loving dog who never hurt a fly. When we split about 3 years ago he kept her at his place (we had joint custody though and are still friends) and since then she passed away. He got another one he named Lucy about the same time I got Zoey and sometimes we walk them together on the trails at the local lake. You ought to see the looks we get when people see a Rott and a Pit-bull coming up the trail! lol We’ve both had compliments on how they act and they love meeting new people. They are both great family dogs and Zoey is the best dog I’ve ever had! Peace

  3. Thank you for this post!

    I am the co-Vice President of the New England Bully Breed Club in Hopkinton Massachusetts. We are trying to promote awareness and resposible dog ownership of the bully breeds. It is nice to see there are people that understand a thing or two, or have taken time to educate themselves about Pit bulls and other bully breeds.

    I hope you don’t mind but i want to share your blog with the members of the NEBBC.

    Thank you again,
    Angela DiTullio
    co-Vice President of the New England Bully Breed Club

    • I would be extremely honored to have my blog shared with NEBBC! Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s really no problem at all. I do this all because I hope to one day live in a world where people are educated about animal cruelty and can help me put an end to it. I want this website to be shared internationally and become huge… one of these days. So sharing the website with friends could maybe start a chain reaction to help get more people to view this site. Anyways, I’m really happy/thrilled/jovial/(another synonym of happy) that you will be sharing my site with your colleagues. Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. I dont know why people band these loving dogs without even seeing what they are really like. I watch shows called pitboss and pitbulss and parolles and they go rescusee and they never get bitten because they know how to handle and take care of their dogs.

  5. I have not been lucky enough to have owned a pitbull (yet) but I work in a veterinary clinic and have worked in this and a grooming atmosphere for 5 years along with volunteering at my local animal shelter throughout high school. All of these years being in close contact with dogs of all shapes,sizes and breeds, I have been around pits the majority of this time,unfortunately most of these times were at the pound,but I have never had a bad experience with this breed.I have really grown to love these dogs, not just because they are beautiful,but their personalities are so far off from what people think. The ones I have been in contact with are very mellow and fun! I have known many people with pits and have never felt of them any differently than another breed of dog. I am was super happy to see that I am not the only one who despises michael vick as much as I do. He is the reason people feel about pits the way they do and the reason they are banned in many areas! Thank you for helping the cause by having an amazing blog that I will now be reading regularly!! Thank you thank you!

  6. I can say that ur blog really has touched me. I can honestly say there is someone who loves & understands the breed like me. I actually had a pitbull as my first dog & his still my only dog, lets say his a spoil one too. I love him, I had him since he was bearly 3 weeks old. Now his going to be 6 months soon & he has grown his own little personality. His so sweet to everybody & also with other dogs. Everybody in my family love him as much as I do. I hate when people have an opinion to say about this breed, when they have never own one! Since my experience with owning a pitbull, I can say blame the owner NOT the breed.

  7. I agreed with you completely especially about how Michael Vick apologized to everybody he didn’t need to but didn’t apologize to the ones you deserved it. You are very talented and you can state your opinion clearly. I want a pit bull so much, and I don’t get why just pit bulls are “dangerous” it’s so stupid!

  8. Thanks so much, I agree with you about Michael Vick. He apologized to everyone, except the dogs who he hurt and killed. If pit bulls are so “dangerous” then blame the owners, not the dogs! If a dog is “mean” or “ferocious” blame it on humans cause it was US who taught them to be that way. Pit bulls are adorable, I once went to a dog training class with my two dogs, and their was a pit bull named Gracie. It was not viscous at all! In fact, it was the best dog there! It would sit when it was told to, come when it was called, and it would not mind all the other dogs barking and jumping around. Pit bulls should NOT be discriminated against.

  9. Can you please do an issue about “exotic pets”. Every year many animals such as sugar gliders,spotted pythons, leopard geckos, some snakes, hedgehogs, and baby alligators are killed because of the exotic pet trade. I would REALLY appreciate if you would do an article about this. For resources, you can go to the following sites:
    Thanks and I really hope that you do an article about exotic pets.

  10. Hi I think what u are doin is awesome I have a pitbull named diesel he is the absolute sweetest,kindest,and most lovable dog in the world.trust me he looks vicious but i love him to death.i really think people should rethink the pits reputations.and I hope they do.infact they were voted 2 best dog in the world.:) stay strong and keep on goin.

  11. I owned a pitbull.his name was damien he just died and i was heart broken when i found out.my dad got him as a pupy then gave him to me.he was a loyal and protective dog and i miss him dearly

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