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  1. I had been considering going vegan for a few weeks now. I don’t remember who brought me here, but I’m glad I got here. Started to play the app on facebook, and took the action to not eat eggs. Decided then and there to cut it all out. Was vegan years ago, didn’t know anything back then, but now I’ve learned alot. And I like alot more fruits and veggies than I did then. Not saying this lifestyle is for everyone. It’s a learning process. But everyone should know more about where their food comes from. Thank you for this blog. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy to say I’ve been vegetarian for one whole year since May 2nd!! I think you should go for being vegan again; it’s a whole lot easier if you like a wide variety of veggies and fruits! I drink soy milk (very vanilla, made by Silk). I don’t see a big deal with eating eggs as long as the chicken is being treated properly. After all, it’s natural for chickens to lay eggs. The egg industry is just so grisly and gratuitously cruel to their hens, making them overproduce hundreds of eggs; that isn’t right. I still eat eggs because I need the protein; it’s hard for me to get enough because 1) I’m allergic to tree nuts and 2) I’m OVERLY picky when it comes to food. But good for you, taking the vegan lifestyle head on! Also, I really appreciate you reading my blog!

    • (If the sentence with the word “gratuitously” doesn’t make sense, I apologize. I’m trying to learn a long list of vocab for SATs, which I’m taking this Saturday.. eek!)

    • Awww Mason thank you! 😀 mad respect. Also, you’re sounding pretty ghetto. Just bein’ ferrealz. (Clearly, I can never be ghetto… hahaha). But really thank you for actually checking it out. You’re the greatest biffle everrrr! 😀

  2. Hi Alyssa, I came by your blog looking up animal testing sites on the net as I recently joined Arbonne,( a health and wellness company ther doesn’t test on animals and is 100% vegan, (no animal byproducts) safe and pure aka no pertrolium byproducts and not much in the way of nasty chemicals and preservitives, and it seems to work well!!) as I want to be able to tell people what they arent putting their money into, more suffering. I can’t decide how to best aproach this topic in sales. Anyways, I was wondering If you have any literature and sources on testing and practices you can pass along. I think many people think animal testing with lipstick and cosmetics is slapping it on and making them look clownish (as disgusting as that is.)

    Thanks for your time.


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